Organisation, Personal Productivity and The Rhythm of Work

There comes a time in the life of a busy, globe-trotting corporate executive when it seems the ‘To Do’ items on your professional priorities list keep coming at a dizzying pace. It is no wonder, then, why even the most accomplished business leaders look to the advice of other, successful people for ideas and clues about becoming more productive, more effective and more engaging as a figurehead of the organisation he or she represents.

The wise take time not only to listen and to learn from the wisdom of others, but  they actively seek out advice for balancing demands on their time with the priorities in their careers and their personal lives, too. Thankfully, there are many important lessons all around us if we take the time to heed them.

Consider, for a moment, the matter of personal organisation. That is, the purposeful prioritisation of what is most important for your enterprise, your team and your own mental health in a way that integrates into your schedule. In one sage storyteller’s view, organisation itself is the key ingredient for success. At a time when so many of us are absolutely inundated with data and tools for analytical interpretation, organising yourself and your company’s resources around the biggest strategic priorities may indeed mean the difference between career-defining growth and missed opportunities that could likewise impact your career. Once you have created your own system for staying organised comes the matter of making the most of your time and taking your own productivity to its best possible end. For some, the simplest way to achieve that is to work “all out” – all day and into the night and weekends to ensure you are getting the right things done. But this full throttle approach to modern-day management risks a real disconnect from reality. One’s personal life could truly suffer, and many who have assumed the corporate warrior through most of their careers would testify that one’s health and cognitive energy could decline during such a pursuit of sales, profits and innovations.

There is a time, many experienced and highly successful business leaders would recall, often before life becomes more serious and complicated with family when many of them worked night and day to advance their careers because they loved the work and the people they worked with. Surely, this kind of early career, high-stress initiation into the demands of corporate world is highly informing, but it is also most effective during a time in one’s life when you must prove something to others. In doing so, you have likely only landed in a place in management where today proving things to yourself as a global leader is paramount.

Some of the most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs regularly attest that breaking away from the demands of work from time to time to recharge one’s physical and mental energy is very important. Many would say it is vital for executives to take time away to think and to re-charge, to reflect and to come back to work with a clearer plan for their companies.
Business success in our world requires the unique pursuit of personal excellence. It is measured by your organisation skills, your ability to prioritise, and also by your appreciation for breaks in your busy schedule to think, strategise and hopefully, to see the most important things more clearly.

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